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FUE Hair Transplant


FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION Hair Transplantation is the most recent advancement in Hair restoration treatments with absolutely fabulous results. the procedure involves the extraction of the graft(Graft may contain one/two/three roots) as a whole. The advantages of the include- no scare post operative, minimal invasive and naturally pain free post operative period.

  • Stitch Less
  • Scar Less
  • No Cut

Some Recent Surgery Pics


Line Drawing


Live Surgery


Immediate After Surgery


Immediate After Surgery


Donor Area After Surgery


After 5 Months

How FUE Works?

FUE: Otherwise know as Strip Method, is one of the oldest method in which the strip is sliced from back of the scalp and the skin is sutured back leading to a thin post operative scar. the grafts are then extracted from the sliced skin and the implanted in the recipient area. this method has various disadvantages-post operative scar, bleedini, persistent pain.

Extraction of Follicles


Implantation of Follicles


FUT Hair Transplant


FUT - Follicular Unit Transplantation is the techniques of hair hair transplantation. In this procedure whole strip of skin along with hairs is removed from back side of head. That's why it is known as Strip method of transplantation. Implantation is done same as Fue where individual hair follicles implanted to bald area. This method contains stitches & scar.

Difference Between FUT and FUE


Body Hair Transplant


Body hair transplant : this method is the option in patients with extensive hair loss and limited occipital scalp. the donor area involves beard, chest, arms,abdomen and thighs. thye body hair is extracted by fue method and implanted in recipient scalp area. although this leads to very small scars post operatively but in patients with extensive hairloss can still choose this method.

Donor Area for Body Hair Transplant

  • Beard
  • Shoulder
  • Chest
  • Arm
  • Public Hair
  • Legs

Facial Hair Transplant


Beard Hair Transplant


Moustache Hair Transplant


Eyebrow/Eyelash Hair Transplant